About Yellowstone Advisory

Alex Schlich left the fund management world and started Yellowstone Advisory with the desire to help companies, whether large or small, with all aspects of their investor relations communication.

Many management teams are already stretched running the business on a day to day basis. They do not have either the dedicated resource or enough time to focus on investor relations.  Our long experience of meeting management teams, in all economic climates, means we are well placed to help you to present your investment case very effectively to the right audience. 

What are "good" investor relations?

Good investor relations are NOT about increasing or propping up a company's share price.

Rather, they are about interacting with your existing shareholders and potential new shareholders in a clear and open manner. It is important that your investment case is presented with clarity in all formats; whether it is face to face meetings, in written regulatory submissions or presentations on your website. Making sure your investment proposition is understood by the investment community is key. Our aim is for your potential investors to make a more informed decision when evaluating your company.

Why are investor relations so important? 

The short answer is because the economic environment is uncertain. Most companies interact with shareholders throughout the year, but with much emphasis around interim and full year results. However, the times when the Board most needs to call upon the support of its shareholders tend to be unpredictable. Events such as funding an acquisition, explaining a profits warning or selling down of shares by a founder or private equity sponsor are not regular. Having an educated investor community is important for those times that your company needs to act without much prior warning.