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Our Services:
Bespoke Investor Relations Packages


James Curran

Head of IR


‘I thought the session was very well managed and a good use of time. Definitely something we would be keen to do again in the future.'


David Johnson



‘The webinar was very well attended with a good mix of shareholders and non shareholders. The questions were relevant and well hosted. We also appreciate the follow up feedback. We’ll look to present again as part of our IR process.’


Jeremy Dibb

Director of IR


‘We presented at a Yellowstone Advisory webinar and were impressed with the quality of the audience and the questioning . It’s a great format and an efficient use of time. We would like to do more events like this in the future.’

How we work with you





• Development of a clear investment case and equity story

• Communication of the investment case clearly and consistently across all formats (RNS, press releases, website, CMDs)

• Building of strong relationships with existing shareholders and introduction of new shareholders to the register

• Provision of high quality investor feedback

• Organisation of nationwide roadshows to connect with PCWMs

• Arrangement of company meetings with private investors to improve liquidity

• Advice on all aspects of your IR programme

Our approach



Yellowstone Advisory is an investor relations specialist that works with public and private companies to improve their communication with investors.


We have a proven track record of working with our clients to build a stable, well-informed shareholder base and to increase the number of investors who understand the investment proposition. Greater awareness of the company's merits reduces the likelihood of the company trading at a material discount to its intrinsic value.

The business was founded by Alex Schlich who has over 20 years experience in fund management, investment banking and strategy consulting. He has a deep understanding of the importance of a clear and consistent investment message and is passionate about sharing that knowledge with management teams.

What are "good" investor relations?

Good investor relations are NOT about increasing or propping up a company's share price.

Rather, they are about interacting with your existing shareholders and potential new shareholders in a clear and open manner. It is important that your investment case is presented with clarity in all formats; whether it is face to face meetings, in written regulatory submissions or presentations on your website. Making sure your investment proposition is understood by the investment community is key. Our aim is for your potential investors to make a more informed decision when evaluating your company.

Why are investor relations so important? 

The short answer is because the economic environment is uncertain. Most companies interact with shareholders throughout the year, but with much emphasis around interim and full year results. However, the times when the Board most needs to call upon the support of its shareholders tend to be unpredictable. Events such as funding an acquisition, explaining a profits warning or selling down of shares by a founder or private equity sponsor are not regular. Having an educated investor community is important for those times that your company needs to act without much prior warning. 

4 key service areas

Your story

Our input

  • Inform
    Shareholder Analysis, Investor Profiling, Investor Targeting, Perception Studies

  • Connect
    Results roadshows, Investor meetings, Capital Market Events, Conferences

  • Communicate
    Investment Proposition, Corporate Factsheets, Regulatory Announcements

  • Advise
    Investor Relations Strategy, Investor Relations effectiveness,  Website Best Practice, Communications Best Practice

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