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Successful shareholder engagement meeting for IHG

As part of the 2019 push from ShareSoc to encourage FTSE100 companies to open up to their retail investor base, once again we had the chance to organise a meeting this time for IHG plc to present to an appreciative group in London this month.

Uptake was quick and high for this meeting which is unsurprising given the calibre of the company. We often encounter oversubscription for these large cap company meetings such is the enthusiasm from the 5000 strong ShareSoc member base.

The IHG IR team presented a clear overview of the company with outlook, strategy and business rationale all covered. Once again the presenters fielded the questions from the floor with professionalism and dexterity.

We have had lots of feedback from attendees. This always makes interesting reading and forms an important part of the overall project. The IR team and management need feedback as an integral cog in the process to understand what, in essence, the audience makes of the company. In combination with ShareSoc, delegates are asked their opinions about the presentation and we also ask whether the interface with the company makes the investors more or less willing to buy shares. A neat way for the company to analyse the effectiveness of the contents of the presentation and the delivery of the message.

We look forward to organising more events like these for ShareSoc in the coming months. The next meeting is Lloyds Banking Group who will be taking their event to Edinburgh on the 12th November reflecting their understanding of the enormous nationwide spread of their private investors. More details about all our upcoming events are on the events page on this website.

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