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Corporate Governance……. TICK in the box

Legal and General (LGEN) presented on the 18th November to ShareSoc and UKSA members at the LGEN HQ in London.

Alyssa Manning the Director of IR and Edward Houghton the Head of IR both saw this meeting as an opportunity to put a firm tick in the corporate governance box.

Why? Let’s look at ‘The Corporate

Governance Code’:

Section 1

Board Leadership and Company Purpose


Point D. In order for the company to meet its responsibilities to shareholders and stakeholders, the board should ensure effective engagement with, and encourage participation from, these parties.

Shareholder engagement is highlighted as one of the fundamental principles of the code and this applies to all shareholders. It’s refreshing to see a major FTSE player meet its responsibilities in this sphere adroitly and willingly. Bravo to the LGEN team for taking the chance to test the waters with a retail investor meeting.

Such was the interest from retail investors that the meeting was fully booked within 5 hours of the places becoming available. This is the fastest delegate response to any ShareSoc meeting to date. The attendees were given a succinct and detailed presentation of a very complicated business.

This is a great example of a company adhering to best practice and delivering a great presentation on their business. Click here to view presentation

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