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Crypto Currencies - an introduction

When the subject is as complex as crypto and blockchain, it is imperative to have it explained clearly and in a step-by-step format. Our recent webinar does just this thanks to Temple Melville who is a crypto lecturer and runs the Scotcoin CIC project. You can watch the recording by clicking here.

Covering off the structure of blockchain and how it works and the interconnectivity between all crypto currencies and blockchain itself, this webinar gives an essential deep-dive into this topic. The Q&A encompasses pertinent questions such as tax and regulations, fees and security. Armed with the overview of how this sector works it opens up not only the potential to invest oneself but the wider understanding of central bank policies, currencies in general and the use of blockchain for many more uses than just the underlying premise for crypto. The finite nature of crypto contracts quells the ponzi/pyramid scheme debate as detailed in the webinar.

Understanding this section of the financial system is essential as crypto and blockchain technology are here to stay and are already integral in companies and industries. It’s over to us to learn more and navigate our way with greater understanding.

Temple Melville has written an eBook which is free to download – email us on to receive a link to your free copy.

The recording is on the Yellowstone Advisory YouTube channel which can be found here.

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