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Lawyers are busy! RBG Holdings plc webinar

RBG Holding plc’s CEO, Nicky Foulston and CFO, Robert Parker delivered a detailed and informative webinar presentation to private investors. You can watch the recording here on the Yellowstone Advisory YouTube channel.

On October 6th guidance was reinstated (RNS here) which reflects positively on management and their confidence in the company for the remainder of the year and beyond.

The litigation arm of the business continues to thrive despite the hurdles that Covid-19 has brought this year. H1 performance was strong and the expectations are that the second half of this financial year will also continue to bring more business.

The M&A part of the group, Convex, did see some Covid-19 impact as deals were postponed during the first half of the year. However, the uptick RBG will see in the second half of 2020 is a welcomed relief as these delayed deals come to market.

Litigation financing has huge potential for the company. However, the difficulty in forecasting the quantum of reward and the timing of when this activity will flow through to the bottom line is an area of uncertainty about which management spoke openly. They maintained however, that this area brings huge promise for the business.

Nicky and Robert were very clear that the dividend is incredibly important and is under constant review to reinstate as soon as possible. Given management own nearly half of the shares in the company, it is clear that the re-establishment of the divided will be of benefit to shareholders and employees alike, hence the drive to address this situation.

We always appreciate a candid and thorough company presentation such as this and are delighted that RBG made time to present their business case.

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