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Following the success of the Shareholder Engagement meetings Yellowstone Advisory organised on behalf of ShareSoc in 2019, we have arranged a number of meetings for retail investors for 2020. The first of these took place last week at the head office of GSK in Brentford. We were fortunate enough to have Harry Clementson, one of the IR managers kick off the series for this year with a great overview of the business and the prospects for the coming years.

Harry covered with recent history of the business and especially the changes made under new CEO Emma Walmsley who has been running the company since 2017. Under her stewardship the company is focussing on three long term strategic priorities of innovation, performance and trust underpinned by a strong culture. The company is on a clear pathway to demerge into New GSK, a leading biopharma company, and a new leading consumer healthcare company.

New GSK will focus on the science of immunology, genetics and advanced technologies. The new consumer healthcare company will have category leading power brands like Panadol, Sensodyne, Advil and Chapstick in its portfolio. This demerger will take place in 2022 and the two year separation programme is already underway and going well.

Investors shouldn’t expect much by way of EPS growth during this demerger period which is focussing on the separation of the two companies and putting in place the growth foundations for two world leading businesses which will emerge in a couple of years. But after that the future looks exciting.

After the presentation the GSK team answered questions and mixed with the attendees over wine and canapes. Many thanks to Harry and all of the GSK IR team for hosting this event which was very well received.

If you would like us to organise a Shareholder Engagement meeting for your company please contact

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Sonia H
17 jul 2022

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