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Webinars: The key to private investor engagement

The past few weeks have seen some monumental changes to our society. A phrase that very few had heard of before, social distancing, is now being quoted regularly as everyone, bar essential workers, is encouraged to avoid direct contact with others.

There has already been a big hit to the economy, and it will get worse in the coming months. Business response must be to adapt to the new environment so that the economic impact is mitigated as far as possible. A short sharp shock to the system can change old habits and introduce new methods that could stay with us as we navigate onwards through 2020 and beyond.

With all the uncertainty currently surrounding us it is more important than ever to ensure that investors have the right information available and understand the investment case today. Face to face interactions are off the menu but engagement is essential and private investors are in need of up to date information from companies.

Webinars are a great way to ensure that companies continue to engage with investors in the current environment. These virtual meetings are efficient, less time consuming than face to face and ensure continuity when uncertainty reigns. We recently carried out a survey and 84% of the respondents indicated they would be interested in attending webinars with companies.

Source: @YstoneAdvisory Twitter poll – 18th March 2020

Webinars will form part of our response to the change in business practice. The efficiency of this type of working is crystallising for all parties and could jolt a permanent change as we move forward. Watch this space for webinars we will be putting on in the coming months and if you are a company wishing to engage with private investors, institutions and family offices please do not hesitate to contact us on

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