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Yellowstone Advisory Youtube channel

Why do  a webinar?

• Engage effectively with knowledgeable private investors, an increasingly important source of capital

• Controlled interaction with attendees

• Popular with private investors

• Good corporate governance in line with the code and guidelines

• Efficient use of management time

• Recordings provide longevity and shareability

• Cost effective

How do meetings work?

• 20-30 minute presentation followed by 15-30 minutes of Q&A

• Participant poll to understand share ownership

• Written questions submitted before and during webinar

• Interactive Q&A session moderated by Yellowstone Advisory

• Participants surveyed and feedback collected, collated and presented in post webinar report

• Webinars recorded, written up and distributed on social media platforms

Participant feedback

‘It is fantastic to see this sort of engagement and I would love for management to be available for meetings like this semi-annually.’


‘Online survey for feedback was a great idea and very easy to complete.’


‘Lots of relevant information and looking forward to viewing the recording again.’


‘Enjoyed the webinar and the write up covered all the points.’


‘I am already a shareholder and will be increasing my position.’


‘Great webinar. Regular progress updates please.’

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