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  • Wide & deep network
    With over 20 years experience in leading fund management and stock broking firms Yellowstone Advisory has built up a detailed knowledge of potential investors. We recognise the differences in investment styles and processes among investors and we will organise for your management team to meet with the most suitable investors. Our investor contacts span the spectrum from the largest institutional fund management houses, to private client wealth managers and hard to acess full-time private investors and family offices.
  • Efficient use of management's time
    We recognise that meeting investors is only a small part of running any company; so that time must be used as efficiently as possible. We will prepare you before the roadshow, arrange high calibre meetings and collect the feedback afterwards to allow your management team the maximum time to to run the business. " Yellowstone Advisory provided Mediclinic with the opportunity to start engaging with other important potential investors that our brokers haven’t traditionally serviced. The roadshow they organised for me resulted in an excellent list of firms that I presented to." James Arnold, Head of Investor Relations, Mediclinic International PLC:
  • Detailed knowledge of investors' needs
    A career in investment management has highlighted the importance of a clear & consistent investment proposition. We can help you to refine the communication of your investment case and make the best impression with investors. "The impact of Yellowstone Advisory was immediately noticeable in the results. The results were presented with greater clarity and lasered in on the key issues. This made for a better post results meeting with management." Small cap institutional fund manager
  • Client focus
    We are focused solely on helping you build a stable, well informed investor base. We will listen to your needs, decide a plan of action then act as efficiently but personally as possible. We will dedicate time to your business needs on a 1 on 1 basis. We are passionate about delivering a first class service.
  • Trust
    We offer impartial advice, with just your business interests at heart. Our aim is to become one of your trusted advisors over time.
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